Our Wall Street

There has been quite a media/news black-out of the Occupy Wall Street Event. 500+ people attended the opening, September 18th according to the NYPD own statistics. There are many different activist groups involved and they plan to stay until the Globalist Occupation of America is over. The vast majority of protesters agree that non-violent occupation is the only option left. This event has also taken place recently in other countries as part of a world-wide Anti-World Bank and Anti-World Government movement. The protesters do not all have a set agenda, but can agree on these points. There is no true democracy left in this country. The two main parties: The Republicans (which are THE National Socialists) and the Democrats (which are Marxist Socialists) are one entity controlled by individuals and the interests of the individuals in groups such as The Bilderberg Meetings group, Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Federal Reserve or Central Bank, various other private banks, and corporate factions. They have an Anti-human agenda and will only preserve the Elite few and a minimal “staff” of worker drones. The remaining population of the planet will be terminated by any means necessary. I see these protests as wholly altruistic. Here is a list of ALL or nearly all news that has been reported so far: http://j.mp/pOYaL4 

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